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DTC offers Jolly Technology identification, visitor management, barcode and asset tracking software.

Jolly Technologies, founded in 2000, develops and distributes a suite of secure identification software products, including ID Flow identification software, Lobby Track visitor / event / entry / school tracking software, Asset Track asset management software, Label Flow bar code label software, and a variety of other custom security products.   Jolly serves thousands of respected, leading organization in fields as diverse as aerospace, pharmaceuticals, imaging systems, transportation, healthcare, education, general manufacturing, and business services.

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Products from Jolly Technologies

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  • Jolly Asset Track - Tracking Software

      Easily manage and track all assets in your facilities with Asset Track, asset management software. Asset Track can not only help you with asset tracking, but it can also help with: Tool & Equipment Management Hardware & Software Management Document Tracking Vehicle Tracking Inventory Management Mange asset databases The open data architecture ...
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    • Jolly Label Flow

        Label Flow is an innovative label software solution for the management and printing of bar code, shipping and merchandising labels, for small businesses to large enterprises. Select from more than 2,500 pre-defined label templates; including nearly all Avery Labels, add 1D and 2D bar codes, or create a custom label ...
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      • Jolly Technologies Time Track - Time and Attendance ...

          Time Track offers configurable databases, fast registration, and ability to track entry and exit, as well as, provide detailed reports. Making it easier to keep track of your employees, record their hours and manage access. Three editions of Time Track are available: Time Track Premier, Scan Station or Report Station. An ...
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        • Jolly Technologies Member Track

            An easy software solution that will help you register badge and track your members. With Member Track you can: Register members and capture their photo Track members and employees Search records fast with definable lookup fields Set access policies by member type, time and location Display notices when membership is ...
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          • Jolly Technologies Jolly Badger Photo ID Card Software

              Jolly Badger is an entry-level solution for the design and production of ID cards. Product highlights include: Design cards using powerful graphics and layout tools Add text, logos, graphics & photos Include rich text from the database Encode 1D barcodes and magnetic stripes Conditionally print design elements based on record values ...
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            • Jolly Event Track

                Track attendees, exhibitors and employees for any event that you have. Event Track makes it easy for you to register, badge and track your attendees. As well as: Record attendance Search records fast Issue plastic ID cards and paper attendee badges Batch print attendee badges Scan Driver's license for fast ...
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              • Jolly Lobby Track Visitor Management Software

                  A complete tracking solution that allows organizations to register, badge and track visitors at their facilities. With Lobby Track you can: Track visitors or any other group of people Pre-register visitors online Perform automatic and immediate background checks Print expiring paper badge or plastic ID card Select one of the pre-configured ...
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                • Jolly School Track

                    With School Track you can manage student records, issue ID cards and track student attendance. You will be able to quickly look up a student's record to process a tardy student and issue a hall pass. As well as, track employee and volunteer time and attendance and control and monitor ...
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                  • Jolly Technologies ID Flow, photo ID card software

                      ID flow is an ID software solution for the management and production of secure photo ID cards.  It is built around an advanced record management platform that can integrate with existing HR systems and featuring a powerful card designer and an easy-to-use card production center.  ID Flow has: Feature-rich design tools Seamless ...
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