Panasonic provides a wide range of integrated security and video surveillance solutions to help security officials enhance their surveillance system, maximize coverage while lowering total cost of ownership.

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  • TransAct Cashless Ticket Printer Cleaning Card

      The TransAct Cashless Ticket Print Maintenance Cleaning Kit featuring Waffletechnology was developed to clean TransAct Epic 850® and 950® cashless ticket printers. Through the use of specialized waffles, burnt-on particles are removed. The cleaning waffles also rotate the guide rollers, cleaning the entire surface. This card is accompanied by a ...
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    • Key Cleaning Swab

        Keyboards are one of the most used pieces of equipment in this computer age. Nearly every task is entered into systems where accuracy is essential, especially to share vital information. Through use, spills and environmental dust and debris, keyboards take a lot of abuse. Like every vital piece of equipment, ...
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      • EZ Thermal Printer Cleaning Wipes

          Thermal Printer Cleaning Wipes were developed to clean accessible print heads and have been a long standing staple product to maintaining all types of direct and ribbon transfer printers. This wipe, when used as a consistent maintenance product, will keep your Thermal Printers performing as designed.
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        • EZ Screen Wipes

            EZ Screen Wipes are a two-part pouch. The first is a wet wipe with a cleaning solution recommended by touch screen manufacturers. This solution will not damage the screen like normal household window cleaners. The second wipe is a soft dry wipe to remove any excess solution from the monitor. Touch Screens ...
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          • Bill Acceptor Cleaning Cards

              Through a cleaning maintenance program, this product will remove contaminants that migrate to your equipment with every insertion. Keep your players at the machine or table by keeping your equipment functioning as it was designed. Waffletechnology is an advancement in cleaning card technology. The cleaning waffles are flexible, raised platforms which ...
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            • EZ Adhesive Remover Cleaning Swab

                This swab, complimented with EZ-Off solution, removes adhesive residue from thermal print heads, rubber rollers, hard plastic and other surfaces. Ideal for Print heads that use linerless paper which tends to transfer an adhesive build-up over time. Use in conjunction with a cleaning card, pen or wipe to maintain your ...
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              • Receipt Printer Cleaning Card

                  Receipt Printer Cleaning Cards are designed to remove built-on contaminants that printing and environmental particles leave behind. Print head manufacturers recommend this product as a means of maintaining the legibility of receipts and prolonging the life of your equipment.
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                • Multi-Surface Cleaning Swabs

                    Transaction equipment needs to be properly maintained to function as it was designed. Each time it’s used, dirt, oils and air pollutants enter into the equipment . These contaminants need to be removed on a regular basis to keep your transactions moving. Multi-Surface Clean Swabs are designed to remove these contaminants quickly when ...
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                  • Lottery Ticket Validator Cleaning Card

                      With every insertion of ticket stock, particles of paper begin to cloud over the readers. This only worsens with the silver metallic flakes off scratch tickets. These contaminants cause read failures, leaving patrons without their winnings. The Lottery Ticket Validator / OMR Cleaning Card is specifically designed to remove these particles from ...
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                    • JCM DBV Bill Validator Cleaning Cards

                        JCM DBV Bill Validator Waffletechnology® Cleaning Cards were developed to create a product that will conform to the DBV Series Validators and give them a maximum cleaning. This product will not only clean the validator sensors of built up dirt, oils and other contaminates that constantly assault the critical optic ...
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