HID EDGE® IP Networked Access Readers

Product number: HID EDGE® Vendor: HID Global

HID EDGE® is a true IP solution that meets the demands of open architecture, IP-centric environments. Edge provides fully distributed intelligence and decision making right to the door, leveraging the IT infrastructure to the maximum extent possible. Edge Power Comes Through A Single CAT-5 run to the door -- Edge IP Access Solutions run everything at the door. Edge configurations are exactingly constructed for Host environments as well as single door applications with a wide range of unique benefits.

The HID EDGE® product line includes:

EDGEPlus® Solo ES400 83000 - IP Intelligence at the Door Incorporating Any Reader for Stand-Alone Applications

The EDGEPlus Solo ES400 is a cost-effective, stand-alone, single-door IP access control solution. This easy-to-use solution enables remote management and report generation via standard web browser. User information, administration, door configuration and retrieval of events are done through a user-friendly, instructional web environment. Providing "Intelligence at the Door", the flexible EDGEPlus Solo ES400 offers a wide choice of card reader compatibility. And the EDGEPlus Solo ES400 IP Access Solution can be converted from stand-alone operation to a system reader for a host environment quickly and easily through the web browser.

With a separately connected reader, EDGEPlus is a perfect solution for migrating existing reader installations to the "edge" of the network. Whether the enterprise is iCLASS, Prox, FlexSmart, FlexPass, MIFARE/DESFire, CRESCENDO, or Wiegand output reader, EDGEPlus delivers Intelligence at the Door.

  • True Flexibility - Provides network connectivity for any existing or new Wiegand or compatible HID Clock and Data readers
  • Management - Remotely managed over the network via standard web browser
  • Real Cost Savings - Network access is CAT-5 for communications and Power over Ethernet (PoE). Eliminates the need for separate power supplies
  • Established Open Architecture - Built on the HID OPINTM platform, can be remotely reconfigured to a system reader in a host environment
EDGEReader® Solo ESR40 83120

The EDGEReader Solo ESR40 is much like the ES400, but has an integrated HID iCLASS reader.

EDGEReader® Solo ESRP40 83125

The EDGEReader Solo ESRP40 is much like the ES400 and ESR40, but has an integrated HID MultiCLASS reader.

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