Vision Database PockeTracker Red Green Tracking

Product number: PockeTracker Vendor: Vision Database Systems

A mobile ID solution for permitting and denying entry into user defined areas.  Using barcode, mag, or a contactless scanner, PockeTracker can instantly and positively identify ID cardholders, provide an instant group count including individual's name, ID number, and time of entry, AND pass the audit information to an event report, an accounting program, or to a time and attendance program.  Because of the PockeTracker Gateway, connectivity is maximized to most popular existing ID card or access control databases.


  • Permit or deny entry based upon user defined field values
  • Anti-pass back feature denies re-entry
  • In/Out buttons for basic attendance and counts
  • Quick Count feature provides listing of individuals already scanned in
  • Simple red/green visual displays and color photos Ability to increment/decrement points
  • Manual look-up via Last Name, ID number, Card number, etc
  • Multiple events/criteria can be stored for later use on one handheld
  • User-defined and password-protected security levels
  • Queries prepared for your reporting needs
  • All activities written to a Statlog database table
  • Works in wireless or offline environments 

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