Access Control Card Readers & Devices

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  • HID Indala® 125 kHz Proximity Readers

      High-quality Indala Proximity Readers deliver outstanding and consistent performance with intelligent programming technology, uniform core modules, and a range of stylish bezel designs. Indala proximity readers are available in Wave, Curve, Arch, and Linear styles in a variety of colors for the ultimate choice.  All HID Indala 125 kHz Proximity Readers ...
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    • HID Prox® 125 kHz Proximity Readers

        HID Prox® 125 kHz proximity readers are recognized as the industry standard for physical access control. HID prox products are robust, affordable, and seamlessly integrate with access control systems. Featuring FlexSecur® security coding, the high-quality Indala line of 125 kHz Proximity readers combines intelligent programming technology with interchangeable components including uniform ...
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        Schlage Proximity Readers

          Schlage’s proximity technology (formerly XceedID) offers your facility an easy and convenient access control solution. Proximity technology, which operates on 125 kHz frequency, is easily integrated into existing legacy proximity systems or ideal for a new installation. Proximity readers are attractive, cost-effective and well suited for interior and exterior applications. Schlage Proximity ...
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          Schlage Multi-Technology Readers

            Schlage’s multi-technology readers are among the most flexible readers in the industry. One reader can handle all applicable ISO standards (14443). Schlage multi-technology readers (formery XceedID and aptiQ) contain both 125 kHz proximity and 13.56 MHz contactless smart card capability in one unit, which allows you to economically migrate to the ...
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          • HID FlexSmart® Series 13.56 MHz Readers

              HID's experience in developing card technologies, combined with a massive global installed base of users, positions them to play a critical role in the evolution and adoption of smart card technology. Whether you are looking to implement MIFARE technology for many applications of your enterprise, or just looking for a ...
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