Card Readers & Devices

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  • Interface, Turbowedge Reader

      TurboWedge.....It’s Small and it’s Priced Right, and it’s Functionally Superior! Better yet, it comes with a LifeTime Warranty! For all around price and performance, the versatility of the TurboWedge provides the user with a multitude of features and functions. Using state-of-the-art powerful and flexible Flash EPROM technology has allowed Compsee ...
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    • Cable, Turbowedge Reader

        IBM PC­XT, PC­AT & Clone IBM PS/2 & Clones APPLE - MAC DEC 2XX, 3XX, 4XX IBM 3179, 3180, 3161, 3163 IBM 3191, 3196, 3197 IBM 3151, 3472, 3476, 3477 IBM 3481, 3486 Decision Data 3496, 3497, 3781 Decision Data 3761, 3791 Decision Data 3596, 3597 HP 700 Decision Data 3776, 3777 HP ...
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      • Magstripe Slot Reader 02EC046

          Can be attached to any PC keyboard or flat surface Sends data to the PC as if it were entered from the keyboard No programming or special software required Bi-directional read capability No external power requirements Available models include IBM AT, PS/2 and compatibles in single and dual track configurations ...
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        • Contact Bar Code Scanner & Computer

            Only 8 ounces (226 grams), this lightweight unit is designed for all-day, everyday use. Data is collected using the alpha-numeric keyboard or integrated bar code scanner. Designed to survive the harshest treatment, the Micro-Wand™ lllE is water and shock resistant. A solid state "super capacitor" helps prevent data loss during ...
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          • SCANTEAM® 6400 Series Barcode Slot Reader

              The SCANTEAM® 6400 series of bar code badge readers is designed for reading bar codes on cards, tickets, badges, and other items that can be passed through a slot. Features Sealed Versions Available Patented Choice of Illumination Choice of Mounting Options Benefits Multi resolution scanning for low to high density bar ...
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