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Brands: CIM | Matica

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  • ML2000

    CIM ML2000 Metal Tag Laser Marking Machine

      Laser marking systems are commonly used for part identification and product traceability information such as serial numbers, date codes, 2D data matrix barcodes, QR codes, 1D barcodes, manufacturing codes, material flow, graphics and logos. The CIM ML2000 Automatic Laser Marking Machine is designed for efficient marking on steel tags, aluminum tags, anodized ...
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    • CIM ME5002D

      CIM ME500 DM 2D Metal Tag Embossing Machine

        The ME 500 2D Data Matrix is a portable metal tag embossing solution that offers the ability to emboss different tag sizes, it is developed for component and production line identification and traceability applications. The ME 500 2D Data Matrix is equipped with an Automatic Feeder, the input hopper contains up to 120 ...
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      • CIM ME500 Metal Tag Embossing Machine

          The automatic CIM ME500 metal plates and dog tag machine has been designed as the ideal hassle-free tag embosser, for low to medium personalization volumes. The machine will personalize up to 105 metal plates per hour. It is possible to shift from one format to the other by changing the input ...
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        • CIM MDT1000 Military Tag Embossing Machine

            The MDT1000 is a compact, high speed metal tag embosser built on durable and proven technology.  Flexible and designed specifically for U.S. military tagging applications, the MDT1000 has the built-in qualities that only a CIM metal tag embosser  can offer. 
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          • CIM ME1500 Metal Tag Embossing Machine

              The CIM ME1500 is a high speed metal tag embosser for mid-size industrial manufacturers, power & utility, and oil & gas sectors. It can emboss in 3 font types and can accommodate a range of plate dimensions and materials.
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