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  • Polaroid P5000E Card Printer & Laminator

      Polaroid's most advanced photo ID card printer. It's a dual-sided printer with Ethernet and USB connectivity that contains a single lamination module. Use the single lamination module to laminate both sides of the card through the printer driver options if you wish. The P5000E enables you to produce highly secure and ...
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    • Polaroid P7500S Re-Transfer Card Printer

        The P7500S photo ID card printer is a dual-sided re-transfer printer with high speed USB and Ethernet connectivity. The P7500S printer is ideal for fast, high-volume card printing and contains a single or dual-sided lamination option. The proven re-transfer technique offers a brilliant glossy printed image with optional add-ons such ...
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      • Polaroid P4500S Re-writable Card Printer

          The Polaroid P4500S features a unique, state-of-the-art configuration that allows a user to upgrade a single-sided P4500S to a dual-sided card printer at any time by placing a specially coded dye film into the printer - no need for additional hardware or tools. It is a seamless upgrade performed by ...
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        • Polaroid P2500S Re-Writable Card Printer

            Reliable, SecureShield™ Overlay enabled, and easy-to-use - the P2500S is the most affordable Polaroid ID card printer. Size and weight are reduced in this compact design which delivers consistent card print quality and rewrite capability at a great price. The SecureShield™ Overlay technology enables hologram printing which provides card security ...
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          • Polaroid P5500S Card Printer

              The Polaroid P5500S single and dual-sided ID card printer brings plastic card printer manufacturing back to the United States—print quality, print speed, and reliability are unquestioned with this best-in-class printer. It features standard Ethernet and USB connectivity and an LCD display that indicates printer status and easy-to-navigate menu options. The P5500S ...
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