Queueing Systems

  • Qmatic Q-Guide 400+ Kit

      With Qmatic's Q-Guide 400+, expanding your queuing system with a second queue is easy. This expansion kit is a complement to your existing Q-Guide 400 and will give you everything needed to add another queue if you need to segment your customer lines. The expansion kit consists of an extra display, ...
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    • Qmatic Q-Guide 400 Kit

        Qmatic's Q-Guide 400 queuing system is designed to be an easy set up and easy to use solution. Print your own welcome message on the ticket or highlight seasonal sales, special promotions etc. You can see in real-time, exactly how many customers are waiting to get served and adapt your service ...
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      • Qmatic Q-Guide 200

          With Qmatic's Q-Guide 200 you can easily create a fair and organized shopping experience for your clients. The customers are steered to one queue line, where they are served by up to three counters. Staff can open and close service counters based on customer levels. Customer's perceived wait time is ...
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