High Volume Card Issuance Systems

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  • Matica Z9 Plus ID Card Mid-Volume Issuance System

      The Matica Z9 Plus is a new generation of card issuance systems from Matica, specifically designed for cost-conscious service bureau, card manufacturers and financial institutions for mid volume card issuance programs. Making it one of the most versatile card issuance systems available, the model Z9 Plus can perform embossing, front indent ...
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    • Matica Z10 Card Issuance System

        The Z10 card issuance system from Matica is specifically designed for cost-conscious card issuers. This system is the perfect match for service bureaus, card manufacturers and financial institutions looking for a solution to handle their mid- and high- volume centralized card issuance programs. This highly productive system features the reliability, flexibility, ...
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      • CIM T1000 High Volume Plastic Card Printer

          The CIM T1000 card printing module can process up to 3 cards simultaneously while offering full color or monochrome thermal printing and a flip-over module for front and rear color card printing. The high performance T 1000 card printer machine works best in large scale card production environments, offering crisp 300 ...
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        • Combi 1000 Pro Series – Financial Card Solution

            The C1000 card personalization module combines a compact high resolution thermal printing with an embossing unit, infill and tipping, magnetic stripe and chip encoding in just one pass. Great for banks, credit institutions, insurance companies, casinos, clubs/associations, governments, petroleum companies, and service bureau.
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          • Matica S7000DT Plastic Card Laser Engraving System

              The Matica S7000 DT Laser Engraving System incorporates laser engraving technology to produce a long lasting cards. Ideal for large issuance applications that requires no consumables. Its desktop design permits the issuance of a secure card in a decentralized industrial environment. Laser engraving has enhanced the card's security because the information ...
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